6 Important Money Rules That You Should Know


Did you know that there is a game that we play every day, but unfortunately most of us don’t understand it because we have been doing it for a long time and think that we already know everything about it? But even so, there are still many losers in this game.

Yes, we are talking about money. Handling money is like a game, and like every game, it has rules that we must follow. And because many people are not happy with their financial position because they do not understand the rules of the money game. And like any other game, if you don’t understand the rules, you will lose. What is the rule of money that we should know?

This is what we’re going to talk about in this article.

1. Money does grow on trees

We probably learned the opposite. But it is said in the book The Money tree,

“Money does grow on trees if you plant the right seed at the right place.”

And if you don’t follow this perspective. You will be poor for life.

You can’t work all your life for others. right? That’s why you have to plant trees that will bear money for you even when you are not there or when you are sleeping. But it’s not that easy. Just like planting a tree, you have to take care of it because it doesn’t bear fruit overnight, and some trees take 10 or sometimes 20 years to bear fruit. But once it bears fruit, it will continue. Same with assets. Once you have built a business or have enough investments, it will generate money even if you are not doing anything.

2. Money is like a woman

If you like a girl, will you court her right away? Isn’t it? Because most women are not attracted to you. They are more interested in what you can offer them. It is easier to attract women if you dress formally and speak smart which represents success.

It’s like money, money is where there is value. The more value you create, the more money you will generate.

So instead, focus on creating more money. Why don’t you focus on creating more value because it will eventually result in more money regardless of whether you are an employee or an employer?

3. It’s not how much money you make but how much money you keep

Even if you earn 1 million per day but your bill is 999,999 every day, you will get nowhere. Because the moment you can’t produce 1 million per day then it’s game over.

No matter how much money you earn, it is used up in your expenses, so you don’t have any money left over. Many people want to become doctors, engineers, or lawyers because they earn a lot every month, but most of them don’t have any money saved because of their expensive lifestyle. So I would rather earn 10k and save 5k than earn 100k with nothing saved.

4. Money must always be in action

Money should always move, the value can increase or decrease even if you don’t use it because of what we call inflation. It’s either you work the money to increase its value or you let its value decrease over time. So you should know how to invest your money. You can’t learn this by watching youtube videos alone. You don’t need a special talent to invest, but you must have patience.

Because the only way to make money work for you and become financially free is through investing.

5. Never play a game you don’t understand

Many people ask me how to invest or which company they can invest in. Then my typical answer is “Invest in the company you are interested in. But most of the people I tell this to are angry and I will be told “You are not taking my question seriously”.

Seriously, investing is no joke, and it’s like starting a business. Let me ask you, would you start a business just because your friends said it was a good idea? Of course not, right? Unless you have an idea about that matter and you understand it, otherwise it’s just a waste of your time and money. So if you don’t want to start a business that you don’t understand, why would you invest in something you don’t understand?

What’s worse is that most people invest in a company because an expert on YouTube said it was a good investment. If that’s true, maybe he would have focused on that instead of spending his time making videos. Am I correct? Why would he make a video on youtube when the business he said is good? That’s what to think about, friends, don’t believe it right away. Sometimes we see someone who says that he has become a millionaire because of that and he wants you to buy from his program so that you too can become a millionaire. hey, don’t believe that, if his business is really good, why does he still want you to join? So he can make money from you.

6. Don’t let people know you have money

Many people like to brag, especially on social media, that they have a lot of money to show that their social status is high. But the problem is that money is like a magnet. All of a sudden, people will be nice to you because most of them want to be showered with your money. Of course, you feel respected and loved by everyone. What’s worse is that everyone wants to owe you money but won’t pay you because you have a lot of money, right? Don’t be upset that you weren’t paid because you have a lot of money.

So even if you have money—2 or 3 million pesos or more, stay humble and don’t let others know that you have money, so that no one owes you anything, man. ok?

And these are the 6 most important rules of money that I have learned, if you want to be financially free, apply them to yourself. How I wish someone had taught me this when I was still in my 20s. Maybe I’m a millionaire now. It is your time now, friend.

Which of these rules do you like? comments below.



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