How To Finally Stop Struggling With Poverty

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Though it’s not everything, having money makes life much simpler. Nobody will argue with that statement, but what distinguishes the wealthy from the poor? Why do some people achieve financial success in life while some of the hardest workers I am aware of battle all the time?

Success is greater after experiencing defeat.

Some of my most enlightening encounters were with people who had grown up in poverty but had managed to overcome it. I’ve had the honor of speaking with many of these former employees who are now small business owners and entrepreneurs over the years.

I’m constantly motivated by seeing people go through positive changes in their lives!

Even more inspiring is the fact that many of these successful people shared a common outlook on both life and work.

One thing characterized all the success tales I saw.

As some so-called financial “experts” would have you believe, it wasn’t as simple as making a budget and cutting back on spending.

The 13 Steps To Change Your Financial Life are listed below.

I’ve compiled the knowledge I gained from my own experiences and the success stories I’ve read into a list of 13 doable steps you can take if you’re having trouble making changes in your financial situation.

1. Being healthy is a prerequisite for wealth

I’ve seen people exhaust themselves by working long hours and in hazardous conditions. They feel and look like they’re 60 by the time they’re 30 years old.

Many of you are familiar with people who put in long hours at the office and then bring a six-pack of beer or a pack of cigarettes home. Despite their extraordinary work ethic, their physical condition is failing them.

While working hard is important, you must also take care of your physical health if you want to make a difference in this world.

Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, regular doctor visits are essential. Your mind will suffer if you don’t take care of your body. Take good care of yourself so that you can take good care of your body.

2. Invest in yourself before you invest in the stock market

If you want to see the wonder of compound interest in action, investing in the stock market is great. However, investing in yourself first will yield even greater returns.

You will use the skills you learn today for the rest of your life. Give yourself the skills and knowledge you need to advance in life.

How to put money into yourself:

  • Attend a trade school and acquire a new, lucrative skill.
  • Get a college degree in a field you can actually use, but don’t incur debt in the process!
  • Watch YouTube videos to pick up a new skill while listening to podcasts on the subject you want to learn more about.
  • Get a library card and enjoy a fantastic book!
  • You can no longer grow if you stop learning.

3. Take Your Time Moving Out

Obviously, you may not have complete control over this, but it doesn’t hurt to stay at home for another year or two if you don’t have a stable job and a plan. When you can actually afford to live on your own, move out of your parent’s house to give yourself the best chance for success.

After turning 18, a lot of people leave home and struggle for ten years to establish themselves financially. But this is not a justification for continuing to live at home until you are 30. We are only discussing a few years here.

4. Be the best you can be and build networks

The most successful people have wide-ranging networks. Few people have been able to completely transform their lives on their own. Everyone needs a network of friends and smarter people in their inner circles.

You’re in the wrong room if you’re the smartest person there.

People who are more successful or intelligent than them intimidate a lot of people. In actuality, these are the individuals who can boost your success. Reach out to them and take what you can from them. You never know who might be kind enough to adopt you!

5. Building bridges is risky and can backfire on you

Thank goodness you’ve finally found a better job. However, think twice before you go off on your boss and call him a terrible person and a micromanager. You never know what connections he may have or when you two might cross paths again.

When she left her previous job for a better opportunity, Saving Joyfully blogger Andrea, who specializes in personal finance, recently went through this. She only had a short time at her new job before she lost it and lost her income. Fortunately, she didn’t cause a rift with her former employer and was able to reclaim her position.

You never know what lies ahead or who you might run into.

6. Take actions that are uncomfortable for you

My resume shows that I have never held a position for longer than one and a half years. Because I get bored easily, my resume contains a wide variety of experience.

I have taken part in nine oral interviews for various details and promotions during my 15 years in law enforcement. I have a secret: I detest getting ready for these procedures and am constantly anxious.

I still detest working through processes, despite having participated in nine different ones. Despite how uncomfortable it is, I have never regretted my decision. Even when I didn’t get the job, I was still able to improve in my subsequent interviews because I had learned something.

My career has definitely benefited from my willingness to take risks and face discomfort. If I had stayed in one place and shied away from uncomfortable situations, I never would have accomplished as much as I have.

Encourage yourself to try out that new skill or apply for that job. You’re capable of so much more than you realize!

7. Develop A Love For Failure—It Shows You’re Trying!

If you are unwilling to try new things, you will never advance in life. You will fail if you keep pushing yourself to accomplish more. Even more, failure is possible!

Being a perfectionist at heart, I personally detest failing. With every painful failure, though, new doors began to open that otherwise would have been closed.

The most successful people have experienced more failure than any other group.

8. There Is Opportunity Everywhere

Don’t give in to the urge to relax. Even if you are happy with your current situation, keep an eye out for new opportunities. I’m not referring to schemes to make money quickly. Always try to find a way to make your current circumstance better or a chance to test for a better position.

You might miss a door that opened just for you if you keep your head in the sand.

9. Keep an eye on your finances

While creating a monthly budget is not the secret to financial success, it is unquestionably a key component. Your money will act out and refuse to listen to you if you don’t tell it to behave. Before you know it, your money has vanished, necessitating the filing of a missing person report.

You need to tell your money where to go and make a plan for it, even if that metaphor was terrible.

10. Loyalty Is Wonderful, But Not At Your Cost

I am aware of several individuals who passed up excellent chances to land better employment because they felt a sense of loyalty to their present employer. People frequently avoid advancing their own careers in order to make others happy because they are afraid to hurt or offend them.

As long as it doesn’t prevent me from reaching my full potential, I’m all for loyalty. You must abide by any commitments you made to someone to work for a specific period of time. But you need new friends if you’re reluctant to advance in your career because you don’t want to offend anyone.

True friends are motivated by your success. not hinder you.

11. Don’t Spend Your Increased Income or Raise

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, that much-needed raise or boost in income can’t come soon enough. When you do, however, start to make more money, stick to your previous spending plan and use the additional funds to settle a debt or begin investing.

Most people spend more when they have more money. Avoid rewarding yourself with more debt by getting a more expensive car when you get a raise! The majority of us are sick of being broke, but we keep spending every last dollar.

If you’ve been able to survive on less money in the past, try to continue doing so as long as you can.

12. Discover Your Neighbor Is Poor

You will quickly develop self-consciousness if you constantly contrast what you have with what your friends and neighbors have or the vacations you take. Frequently, the thought “how do they afford that” will cross your mind.

They don’t, in actuality. Your neighbors are just as broke as you are, if not worse. The comparison game is a popular game among the poor. In an effort to uphold a particular reputation, they are constantly trying to accrue more debt than their friends.

Refrain from comparing yourself to others!

13. Recognize that today might not be the day for you

Have you ever heard the saying “everything happens for a reason”? It is undoubtedly true, though.

Be careful what you wish for, is another wise adage.

How many times I’ve wanted something and not gotten it is beyond me. About a year later, I reflect and am incredibly grateful for how everything turned out. instead of how I had wanted them to at the time.

The best option isn’t always what we think we want or need. There was a reason why you didn’t get the job if you don’t get it. Till the right chance arises, keep trying.

As you can see, most of these instructions and suggestions are only mental. The biggest thing standing in the way of your success is you. Yes, it might be more challenging for you to advance in life due to external economic factors, but you shouldn’t discount the strength of your own mental influence.

Take some deliberate action today to enhance your current circumstance. Do something now to alter your future, whether it’s creating your first budget or deciding to look for a new job.

If not now, when will it be?



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