How To Get Out Of Poverty Easily


When things are hard, we sometimes think there’s no other way, so we choose to be happy with what we have. We often teach our kids to do the same. Do you believe the saying, “As long as there is a way, there is a way?” If you believe? How come you’re there? What makes you happy? Why would you leave your kids with nothing?

It’s sad that a lot of people believe in that saying, but only a small number of them follow it. How can we pay attention to get the life we want? Keep reading and get some paper and a pen so you can write down the good things you learn.


As long as you are healthy and have a job, don’t try to become a “1-day millionaire,” because the money you earned by working hard for more than eight hours can easily be spent in just a few minutes. Many of our countrymen have gone to other countries to make money, but most of the time their money is just wasted.

It’s easy to feel the weight of suffering in another country in just a few weeks. It’s so bad that you should try to save money instead.

2, Save/Thrifty

Even though it’s hard, we should all learn to save money and put some of it aside for ourselves. Even if it hurts to have to cut yourself off, you have to do it because it will help you have a good future.


You will probably say, “I thought I would save money.” Why help? It’s simple: if you help, even in a small way, grace will flow into your life more easily. People say that you will get back what you sow when the sun comes up.


if you have saved money by saving. If you only count on interest from the bank, it won’t grow or grow quickly. Even more so if you put it under your bed. Start a business if you are smart and want to retire early so you can enjoy your life while you are still healthy. You can choose from many businesses that will get you out of poverty.

Now, the fastest way is to buy and sell. Find a good product and put it on shopee, lazada, and Facebook Marketplace. But of course, if you want your business to run well, you have to keep going, learn, do, and love what you do.

These are just some of the ways, but there are actually a lot more. While it’s still early, think. Don’t wait until you’re tired to realize you should have done something sooner. Watch the video.



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